211 Work preparation for steel roll forming machine -

Work preparation for steel roll forming machine


Before the steel roll forming machine starts to work, it is necessary to check the power supply, motor oil pump, pressure gauge, overflow valve, electro-hydraulic valve and jog switch of the machine to see if it is normal and whether there is any problem. Carry out processing so that the machine can work smoothly. Jogging the motor is mainly to check whether its rotation direction is correct.
After the above inspections are all correct, adjust the motor of the steel roll forming machine, adjust the oil pressure to 10MPa, and then test run for about three minutes. If there is no problem, you can start working officially. Machine equipment should be installed on firm and flat ground. Before use, add engine oil and hydraulic oil, and then replace them regularly.
To use cold-formed steel equipment correctly, operate in accordance with the requirements of the rules, and follow the operating procedures and safety operating procedures. If there is no oil in the oil tank, it is forbidden to open the motor to avoid damage. The amount of oil in the fuel tank should be sufficient, if the amount of oil is insufficient, it should be added in time. The lubrication of the equipment should be kept good, so it should be checked frequently. If the machinery and equipment will not be used for a long time, anti-rust work should be done in advance to prevent the machine from rusting.
Generally speaking, the steel roll forming machine needs the cooperation of multiple systems to complete the operation smoothly. The portal bracket of the auxiliary system places the steel between the automatic rollers, and the hydraulic system makes the dovetail groove of the hydraulic cylinder and The cold-bending roller cold-presses the profiled steel, and when it reaches the arc required by the design, the hydraulic system is turned off. This is the mechanical transmission system that starts to push the profiled steel forward.
Then continue the cold bending operation. This kind of cold bending operation is much more energy-saving than the traditional press method. It has low noise, no pollution, high working efficiency and long service life. Therefore, the application range of steel roll forming machine is very wide.