191 Effective Tube Bundle Protection for Steel Roll Forming Machines -

Effective Tube Bundle Protection for Steel Roll Forming Machines


For the steel roll forming machine, whether it is its roll or the horizontal wheel road, it should be effectively protected by the tube bundle. service life.
Generally, the roll of steel roll forming machine is made of C12MoV material, because this material has good wear resistance, but attention should be paid to the relationship between hardness and strength, so it must be handled properly.
The upper and lower rolls or horizontal wheels of cold-formed steel equipment should be effectively protected by tube bundles, otherwise problems will easily occur during use. For example, the track will be blurred, deformed, etc., and the force will be uneven, which will shorten its service life. In the production process, if there is bending and twisting, the main reason is that the force is unbalanced, so we should balance the force in the design so that the processing can be accurate.
During the rolling process of cold-formed steel equipment, the rolling stability must be considered. If the material is deflected left and right in the raceway, then we have to take corresponding measures. For example, it is possible to keep the gaps in each area of the roller consistent during assembly. And before the material bites in, the guide bevel can be set, so as to avoid this problem.