121 The role of cold-formed steel machinery in the processing of trough equipment -

The role of cold-formed steel machinery in the processing of trough equipment


The trough cold-formed forming line is a kind of cold-formed steel machinery. It is specially used for the production of trough equipment. The metal sheet is first uncoiled, leveled and then punched, and then enters the cold-formed main machine. The trough profile required for breeding is made through multi-pass rolling die rolling.
The automatic production equipment is cut according to the required length, and the requirements for the operator are relatively simple, and only one person can complete it. The equipment not only has a high degree of automation, but also facilitates management and maintenance. It mainly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production and operation cost of the enterprise.
This type of cold-formed steel machinery adopts archway structure, high strength, gear box transmission, and stable operation; the design of the roll mold is scientific and reasonable, and the internal structure of the raw material is less damaged, the process is reliable, the punching precision is high, and the length can be cut according to demand. The pressing speed is about 10 meters per minute, and the output is very high.
With the development of modern industry, the demand for the amount of cold-formed trough forming line is also increasing. The processing equipment for cold-formed trough forming line solves the problems of numerous traditional processes and high cost, and realizes the mass production of the production line mode.
The main part of the cold-formed steel machine is the roll. In order to prolong its life, the principle of average force of each pass is required, the average force of the roller, and the wear balance; the material is used to make use of its wear resistance, but the specific strength and hardness are contradictory. , The red hardness of C12MoV should be used during heat treatment. After quenching, the hardness can only be achieved by tempering two to three times.