121 Characteristics of Steel Roll Forming Machine and Necessity of Cold Bending Test -

Characteristics of Steel Roll Forming Machine and Necessity of Cold Bending Test


There are many types of cold-formed steel machinery, and cold-formed roll forming machine is one of them. Users can customize according to specific requirements in order to meet various use requirements. At room temperature, by using cold-formed steel machinery for bending operations, its cold-formation performance will directly affect the quality of the product.
Before using the cold-formed steel machine for material cold-bending processing, it is still necessary to conduct a cold-bending test on the material. The purpose is to check whether there are any defects after the material is bent, and at the same time to determine the cold-bending diameter and bending angle of the material. parameters.
As a kind of mechanical equipment used for cold-bending operation, the application of cold-formed steel machinery is becoming more and more extensive, and the requirements are getting higher and higher. In order to configure PLC control in the equipment, the configuration of the control system should be appropriate and be able to perform Accurate and strictly controlled. In addition, in terms of control accuracy and product production process, it should be able to meet production requirements and expected desired effects.
The cold forming technology adopted by cold-formed steel machinery has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency, making it widely used in industries such as construction, bridges, vehicle manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and container production. However, the effect of use is inseparable from the properties of the material, the surface quality of the material, and the length and thickness of the material.