21 Parameter setting standards and application habits of steel roll forming machine -

Parameter setting standards and application habits of steel roll forming machine


Many processing places now pay attention to the application of steel roll forming machine. The operation method of this kind of equipment is very simple in the process of use, and the staff can master the application method in a short time. Moreover, compared with traditional equipment, the steel roll forming machine has undergone many technical improvements, which can effectively increase the output in the process of using the equipment for processing and production, and increase more profit returns for the manufacturer. Therefore, many processing units hope to install the cold roll forming machine. Bending equipment for production.
However, in the process of using equipment for production, we must pay attention to the setting of parameters. If the setting of parameters is unreasonable, it will directly affect the processing quality.
When different processing units use strip steel to make cold-formed steel, because of the different application requirements, there will be differences in the size standards and cross-sectional area requirements of the material. After setting the parameter information, the equipment can be produced and processed according to the requirements after the parameter setting is completed.
When setting the parameters of cold-formed steel equipment, it is necessary to select a suitable die in combination with the thickness of the plate. The die size of the mold cannot be too large or too small. Generally speaking, the size of the die is higher than the thickness of the material. The staff can determine the size of the die opening according to the thickness of the material, so that the production purpose can be achieved during the processing.