Composition Of Cold-formed Steel Machinery And Design Features Of Rolls


The cold-formed steel machine is a special unit for cold-formed profile forming, which is designed and customized according to the requirements of users, and is a non-standard equipment. The cold-formed steel machine first installs the raw materials on the uncoiler, manually feeds it into the main machine, and then gradually deforms the mold of the main machine and some auxiliary forming devices to form a geometric shape, and then cuts it to a fixed length by the cutting mechanism to achieve the user's satisfaction of the product. Use requirements, manually move away from the receiving table.

The mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts of the cold-formed steel machinery need to have sufficient rigidity and toughness, accurate and reliable control, sufficient power, simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life. The roll in the cold-formed steel machinery is a very important part, and its design also reflects its uniqueness.

Each pass of the roll in the cold-formed steel machine should be equally stressed so that the wear can be balanced and the service life of the roll can be extended. ) Generally, the roll is made of C12MoV material, because this material has good wear resistance, but pay attention to the hardness and strength, so it must be handled well.

The upper and lower rolls or the horizontal wheels should be protected by tube bundles, otherwise problems will easily occur during use. For example, the track will be blurred and deformed, and the force will be uneven, which will shorten its service life. In the rolling process of cold-formed steel machinery, the rolling stability should be considered. If the material is swaying left and right in the raceway, then we have to take corresponding measures.

For example, during assembly, the gaps in each area of the roller can be kept consistent. And before the material bites, a guide bevel can be set to avoid this problem. In the production process, if there is bending and twisting, the main reason is the unbalanced force, so we need to balance the force in the design so that the processing can be accurate.