321 ​Necessity Of Existence Of Roller in Cold-formed Section Steel Machine -

​Necessity Of Existence Of Roller in Cold-formed Section Steel Machine


The necessity of rollers in cold-rolled steel forming machines is unquestionable, and many people do not master cold-rolled steel forming machines. In fact, they have a lot in common with other products of the same type of stainless steel sheet, such as when using raw materials. Stainless steel plates are dominant, in addition, they also take into account the advantages of stainless steel plates, and the appearance of the products is also very flat and smooth, so the installation scope of raw materials is relatively wide.

The production standards of cold-drawn products must be carried out in a certain ultra-low temperature natural environment, so these products have high reliability. During the application of cold-drawn products, you should also have a certain understanding of the design scheme of the rollers. and master.

During the design scheme of the rolls of the cold-formed steel machine, the cold-drawn products must be integrated at least in the design scheme work. In addition, great attention should be paid to clarifying the shape of the rolls, so that the cold-drawn products can be installed during the installation. In the whole process of application, it can provide customers with a lot of convenient standards. The shape design scheme of the roller must comply with two specifications. First, it is necessary to ensure that the cold-drawn product can be more uniform in the whole process of bending, and the second is to ensure that the Cold-drawn goods are effectively deformed.

During the design plan of the rolls of the cold-formed steel machine, a key main parameter should also be referred to, that is, the management centerline position set in each pass. The appearance of the rolls can be improved by integrating this main parameter. Information content such as design and specifications. Therefore, in the case of designing a roller, there are many factors that must be considered, so that the quality of cold-drawn products can be improved to a certain extent.

When the hot-rolled strip or thick steel plate is bent in a colder natural environment, various cross-sectional shapes will be produced, and this type of finished stainless steel plate with different shapes is called cold-formed steel. machine. It is a very cost-effective stainless steel sheet, and the cold forming machine has many main uses, among which, it can be used to make light steel structures. It also belongs to a type of stainless steel sheet.