901 Connection Tips for the Ibr Roof Sheet Forming Machine -

Connection Tips for the Ibr Roof Sheet Forming Machine


Roll forming machines are widely used in the metal manufacturing industry, mainly for metal forming. In this issue, we will introduce the connection skills of stainless steel spring forming machines. The connection forms of rolling forming machines can generally be divided into detachable connections and non-detachable connections. Join two kinds:

1. Common non-removable connections include welding, riveting and interference connection, etc. Among them, interference connection is mostly used for shaft and hole fit. Methods such as press fit, thermal expansion fit and cold shrink fit are commonly used to achieve interference connection. The general spring machine can use the press fit method, and the important or precise machine is willing to use the thermal expansion and cold shrink fit method.

2. The parts that are connected to each other can be detachably connected without damaging any parts, and they can be reconnected after disassembly. Common detachable connections of roll forming machines include threaded connections, key connections and pin connections. Among them, threaded connections are widely used. The quality of the threaded connection has a lot to do with the assembly process. The tightening force of each bolt and the tightening sequence of multiple bolts should be reasonably determined according to the shape of the connected parts and components of the computer spring machine and the distribution and force of the bolts. and tightening force balance.