831 Structure Types of Corrugated Roll Forming Machine -

Structure Types of Corrugated Roll Forming Machine


There are various structures of rolling forming machines, which can be divided into several types according to their installation structures. Which method to choose during equipment production depends on the characteristics of the produced profiles, and different machine structures are selected according to different profiles. . What types of structures are there in the roll forming machine? Let's make a brief introduction.

1. Cantilever type roll forming machine.

This equipment configuration limits the width of the forming strip to around the length of the cantilever shaft. It is possible to press some products with not thick profiles, or products with wide plates and only one side of the molding. This method is not suitable for products with pressed profiles, because only one side is stressed.

2. Double-ended roll forming machine.

This structure is two cantilevers installed on both sides of the strip, the width can be adjusted freely inward and outward, and products of any width can be formed within the limited width. Some factors that should be considered when designing are: A: The length of the roll is limited and needs to be controlled within a certain range. B: When pressing too thick sheet, the roller shaft is easy to bend C: Under the influence of pressure, the sheet to be formed generally cannot be located in the center of the sheet. D: When forming an overly wide sheet, the upper and lower sides generally need to be support points. E: When forming short plates, it is generally necessary to increase the equipment for guiding. F: In order to adapt to the forming of plates of different widths, the equipment on the upper and lower shafts should be easy to install, disassemble and adjust.

3. Through shaft double-end forming machine.

The axial deflection of the through-axis cold bending machine is smaller than that of the cantilever machine of the same specification. On this type of roll forming machine, the rolls are fixed to the frames on both sides.

4. Standard roll forming machine.

This type of equipment is supported by bearings on both sides, which are fixed to the side plates.