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What are the advantages of roll forming machine equipment compared with traditional presses


There are some deficiencies in the traditional forming method, so the roll forming machine is used for roll forming. The material distribution system arranges the raw materials on the traction steel belt, and the steel belt rotates to send the raw materials with the same thickness between the upper and lower pair of pressing rollers. Roll forming.
The roll forming machine has the characteristics of low power consumption, low noise, low pollution, high efficiency and highly flexible production, and the roll forming machine equipment has incomparable advantages over traditional presses in terms of manufacturing, transportation and installation. .
Roll forming machine equipment is divided into four areas according to function: cloth area, pre-compression exhaust area, pressing area and pressure-holding release area. The force on the steel strip during the pressing process is mainly the linear pressure between the two pressing rollers and the tension force generated by tensioning the steel strip. This forming method will not cause the steel strip to deform due to yielding. Compared with belts, steel belts have the characteristics of high hardness, tensile strength, yield strength and low elongation.
The steel belt used in the roll forming machine has excellent hardness, tensile strength and yield strength, and its excellent mechanical properties can ensure a balanced pressure in the entire forming area. The steel strip is in direct contact with the surface of the adobe, and the surface condition of the working surface will directly affect the surface quality of the finished plate. The steel belt is obviously superior to the belt in terms of mechanical properties and surface flatness, excellent flatness, reliable operation of the roller press, and uniform thickness of the pressed product.
The frame is the main load-bearing part of a press. The strength and rigidity requirements should be considered in the design. Sufficient strength is the support for the safety and reliability of the press. The rigidity of the frame will directly affect the geometry of the formed product. precision. A reasonable frame design should fully consider the processing and manufacturing process and the convenience of installation and transportation while satisfying the mechanical properties of the frame.
The equipment frame of the roll forming machine is composed of upper beam, lower beam and upper top frame. The main body of each part is made of high-strength structural steel, and the upper and lower beams are plate-shaped structures. , avoiding the potential risk of applying large casting parts.