61 Roll forming equipment and its comparison with stamping -

Roll forming equipment and its comparison with stamping


For roll forming equipment, the following will continue to study and understand, because it is the keyword of the website, so this work has to be done. Moreover, in terms of learning requirements, there must be no sloppy and slack, so as not to affect the learning effect, as well as the mastery and utilization of knowledge, so that the gains outweigh the losses.

1. What is the difference between stamping forming and roll forming?

The difference between stamping forming and roll forming is: stamping, which uses a press and a mold to obtain a stamped part by stamping, which is generally a thin plate part with a complicated structure. Roll pressing is to use roll forming equipment to obtain parts, which are generally thick plate parts and have a relatively simple structure. In addition, the types of equipment and the use of finished products are also different.

2. On the roll forming equipment, is there any cold bending roll forming equipment?

Roll forming equipment, there is cold bending roll forming equipment, and it is widely used, because it is used in car panels, highway guardrails, C/Z steel, solar brackets, and cable bridges. As well as steel structures, this forming equipment can be used.

3. In cold processing, is there any roll forming equipment? And, what about in profiling equipment?

The specific process of cold processing includes cold pressing, cold pressing and cold rolling, etc. Therefore, there is a kind of roll forming equipment, and the answer to the first question is yes. In the pressing equipment, there is also roll forming equipment. In addition, in addition to this one, there are some other equipment, such as floor deck pressing equipment and color steel tile pressing equipment.

The above questions and their answers are all related to roll forming equipment, and for us, we must firmly grasp it, otherwise, it will affect the normal use and use effect of the equipment, and then, it cannot play its role and Function. Therefore, you can't treat it sloppily, and then waste such a good learning opportunity in vain.

The on-line cold-formed steel machinery forced to size sawing machine belongs to the cold-formed steel machinery, and this is also very certain, there is no doubt. This machine equipment is mainly composed of workpiece transmission table, saw machine trolley, positioning baffle and control system. The fixed length of the workpiece can be adjusted and determined by adjusting the nut. In addition, the device has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and good processing performance.