11 Application of cold roll forming machine equipment -

Application of cold roll forming machine equipment


1. When did cold-formed steel appear in China? Is it manufactured using cold-formed steel equipment?

Cold-formed steel appeared in the country in the 1950s and 1960s. The cold-formed steel equipment is mainly used to produce cold-formed steel, and is used to obtain various cross-sectional shapes and sizes of steel. Therefore, on the second question, the answer is yes, and this is also very certain and definite.

2. Is the cold-formed steel used in the greenhouse obtained through cold-formed steel equipment?

The cold-formed steel used in the greenhouse can be obtained from cold-formed steel equipment. However, if you don’t use cold-formed steel equipment, it is also possible, but you must have a combination of several equipment, such as bending machines, necking machines, slotting machines, sink machines, and punches, to work together to get cold-formed steel. Bent steel.

3. What is the principle of the use of cold-formed steel equipment? In addition, what equipment is needed to process cold-bent slingshots?

The use of cold-formed steel equipment is to press down multiple times and form gradually. It should be noted that too much haste should be avoided, so as not to affect the cold-formed effect. For the processing of cold-bending slingshots, the equipment used is two types of equipment: shearing and bending. In addition, if the surface is required, then electroplating equipment will also be used.