01 Necessity of cold bending test in cold bending forming machine -

Necessity of cold bending test in cold bending forming machine


Cold-formed steel machinery is similar to cold-formed steel equipment, because they all refer to mechanical equipment used to produce cold-formed steel. However, from a subtle point of view, there are still some differences, so the following will lead everyone to familiarize and understand cold-formed steel machinery, so as to distinguish it from cold-formed steel equipment, so as not to be confused. Thus some problems arise.

1. Is it appropriate to use a cold-formed steel forming machine for the production and manufacture of steel sheet piles? If not, what can be used instead?

The production of steel sheet piles is usually carried out by cold-formed steel machinery. If conditions permit, I-beam or hot-rolled channel steel can also be used instead, but the effect is still not as good as that of cold-formed steel. bent steel.

2. If the cold-formed steel forming machine uses cold-formed steel bars in its work, is it necessary to conduct a cold-formed steel bar test?

If the cold-formed steel forming machine is used for the cold-bending operation of steel bars, a cold-bending test of steel bars is required before the operation is officially started, in order to check whether there are cracks and surface peeling in the bent part, and to determine the appropriate cold-bending diameter and bending Angle to avoid various problems.

3. What requirements and conditions should be met for cold bending in cold-formed steel machinery?

The cold bending in the cold-formed steel forming machine, in simple terms, is to use mechanical equipment to bend the material with the help of its mechanical force, and perform it in a cold state. In addition, there is no defect problem in its curved part. Therefore, the conditions and requirements that it should meet are that it is in a cold state, with the help of mechanical force, and there are no abnormalities in the bending part.