71 Lubrication Technology of Steel Roll Forming Machine -

Lubrication Technology of Steel Roll Forming Machine


During the cold bending forming process of steel roll forming machine, due to the friction between the roll and the surface of the strip, the surface scratches caused by heat must be formed during the molding process of the lubricated and cooled roll. Roll forming lubricants are generally classified into non-water-based lubricants and water-soluble lubricants.
Widely used is a water-soluble emulsion, which is the adhesion of the oil film thickness, as well as good lubricity and rust resistance. However, care should be taken to prevent the lubricant remaining on the surface of the profile from decomposing with water during storage due to localized corrosion. Although the lubricating performance of soluble organic lubricants is slightly inferior, it can maintain a clean production environment due to the low contamination of its contours and equipment through the action of surfactants.