2221 Basic knowledge of cold roll forming machine -

Basic knowledge of cold roll forming machine

Cold rolling forming machine is characterized by small Moment of inertia of roll, compact structure, and can be adjusted in a wide range. The cold rolling forming machine is composed of a main transmission device and two driven transmission hydraulic support frames. The main function of the cold rolling forming machine is to continuously anneal and homogenize the strip steel.
Cold rolling forming machine is a complex component product that continuously extrudes strip material and converts it into various shapes such as plates and pipes. Cold rolling forming machine is generally used to produce Hot working equipment for conventional or special steel products such as metal sheet, profile, wire and heterosexual materials. At present, there are two main types of cold rolling mills used in China: one is the ordinary uncoiling hydraulic cooling (referred to as "uncoiling") cooling bed; The other type is composed of a single independent roller combination driven synchronously by multiple sets of roller systems, which can be divided into two major systems: uncoiling without a core and uncoiling without a core. The cold rolling forming machines produced by our company are widely used in fields such as automobiles, motorcycle accessories, air conditioner shells, building decorations, agricultural machinery, etc.
Cold rolling forming machines can be divided into several types: fully automatic cold rolling, semi-automatic cold rolling, and veneer straightening. The first two are mainly used on production lines, while the latter type is more commonly used in laboratories or small factories.
When choosing, attention should be paid to the following points: 1. Requirements for the quality of each component. If you only want to buy cheap and high-quality raw materials, please do not consider equipment that does not have much technical content but can earn high profit margins or even high interest rates! 2. Caring about after-sales service issues is simple: you need to understand that the biggest enemy of our industry is "information". 3. Understand the basic knowledge of selling products, including their performance advantages and unique benefits. 4. Determine the budget range. 5. Develop a purchase plan.