2181 Application Method of Straightening Head in Roll forming machine -

Application Method of Straightening Head in Roll forming machine

Straightening heads are often used in rolling forming processes. When there are bending, twisting, ripple, and other situations in the formed product, using straightening heads can effectively correct these problems. Some molding machine manufacturing factories may omit this straightening head device in order to reduce production costs or for less demanding profiles. For higher demand molding machines, we suggest installing straightening heads, which play a significant role in correcting profiles in the later stage.
Straightening head composition:
The straightening head is composed of a support frame and a straightening mold. Different manufacturers of straightening molds have different practices, usually consisting of a mold with a cross-sectional pass or several sets of rollers. The ultimate goal is to exert pressure on different surfaces.
Installation of straightening head:
During the product forming process, internal stress will be generated, so the straightening head should be installed at the end of the forming roller and before the cutting device.
For profiles with severe bending deformation, the straightening head cannot achieve the best effect. The straightening head is only suitable for correcting minor bending deformation, so the most important thing is to adjust the forming of the main rolling machine.