2171 Common auxiliary processes on Rollfomer -

Common auxiliary processes on Rollfomer

1、 Punching process. This is a process that is commonly used on most profiles, and many profiles are perforated. However, integrating the punching process on a rolling forming machine is not complicated, so the punching process is very common.

2、 Cutting or cutting process. On rolling forming machines, cutting is a necessary process, either after forming or before or during forming. And punching cuts (notches) is also a process commonly used on many forming machines.

3、 Welding process. The welding process is generally used after forming, and a set of welding machine is installed at random in the cutting machine of the forming machine, including laser welding, sub argon arc welding and other methods.

4、 Embossing and embossing techniques. Pressing some decoration patterns on the formed profiles, perhaps with the company's unique logo, requires the use of embossing or embossing techniques.

5、 Marking process. This process is generally carried out after molding. Printing on profiles using auxiliary printing equipment, such as product model, production date, company name, etc., can all be completed using this process

6、 The above mentioned are the most common auxiliary processes, while other uncommon auxiliary processes include: expansion, flanging, slitting, punching holes, bending, partial stamping, oblique cutting, slitting, buckle, bonding, painting, foaming, and so on.

In fact, in terms of current production technology of rolling forming machines, the vast majority of profiles can be produced in one set, integrating all auxiliary processes. With strong company strength and willing customer investment, theoretically, high integration rolling forming production lines can be made.