1081 What is the angle of the Z-beam machine purlin? -

What is the angle of the Z-beam machine purlin?


The angle of Z-shaped purlins and C-shaped purlins is different. C-shaped steel is 90 degrees, Z-shaped steel is less than 90 degrees, about 60 to 75 degrees, so when using purlins on a roof with a certain slope, it is necessary to combine the force knowledge to consider purlins Due to the angle problem, the use of Z-type can make full use of its bending resistance.

Z-shaped steel is generally spliced, and the heights on both sides are different. Z-shaped steel has beautiful appearance, uniform specifications, sturdy and durable, economical and applicable, and in the production process, it is not heated and has no carbon and other harmful gas emissions compared with other processes. It is clean and environmentally friendly. Do not pollute the environment.