221 Commissioning method of paving floor rolling forming machine -

Commissioning method of paving floor rolling forming machine


The debugging method of rolling rolling machine is as follows:

1. Check before starting: check whether the parts of the rolling forming machine are in good condition without abnormal. Adjust parameters of equipment including pressure, temperature, speed etc to meet production requirements.

2. Preliminary commissioning: Carry out preliminary commissioning before production to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Check the connection of oil circuit and components to ensure there is no leakage or loosening.

3. Commissioning: start the machine under the no-load state and observe the operation of the machine. Check the vibration, sound and temperature of the equipment to ensure no abnormality. During the trial run, the load is gradually increased to observe the performance and stability of the machine.

4. Commissioning parameters: adjust the equipment parameters according to the production needs. Such as pressure, temperature, speed, etc., in order to achieve the best molding effect. During the debugging process, constantly observe and adjust, until the satisfactory forming effect is achieved.

5. Maintenance and maintenance: Regular maintenance and maintenance of the rolling molding machine to ensure the normal operation and service life of the equipment. Regularly replace the oil and filter, check and adjust the parameters of the equipment.

Through the above steps, the paving floor rolling molding machine can be effectively adjusted to ensure its normal operation and obtain satisfactory molding results. At the same time, following the manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance guidelines can extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate.