211 How to use a c-type purlin rolling forming machine -

How to use a c-type purlin rolling forming machine


Using the C-type purlin rolling molding machine, first ensure that the equipment is properly installed and grounded, check whether the parts are intact and whether lubricating oil is added to the lubrication parts. Then, follow these steps:

1. Prepare raw materials  : Select steel plates of appropriate thickness to ensure that the surface is smooth and free of oil and impurities. Adjust the feeding device and the molding mold according to the size of the required C-shaped purlin.

2. Start the equipment  : turn on the power supply and start the rolling forming machine. Observe whether the equipment is running normally, and whether there is any abnormal sound or vibration.

3. Place raw materials  : Place the prepared steel plate on the feeding device and adjust the position to align it with the molding mold.

4. Start rolling  : Start the feeding device to make the steel plate gradually enter the molding mold. Observe the forming process to ensure that the steel plate enters the mold smoothly and gradually forms the C-type purlin.

5. Check quality  : After rolling, check the size, shape and surface quality of C purlin. If there is any unqualified product, timely adjust the molding mold or feeding device.

6. Collect finished products  : Collect qualified C-shaped purlin and pile them up neatly.

7. Maintenance  : After use, turn off the power supply and clean the residues on the equipment surface and mold. Regular maintenance and maintenance of equipment to ensure normal operation and prolong service life.

When using C-type purlin rolling forming machine, always pay attention to safety and follow the operating rules. At the same time, familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, adjust the parameters and mold according to the actual situation, to ensure the production of qualified C-type purlin.