171 Operation process of the metal plate rolling forming machine -

Operation process of the metal plate rolling forming machine


Metal plate rolling forming machine is a kind of efficient and accurate metal processing equipment, widely used in all kinds of metal plates forming processing. The following is the operation process of the metal plate rolling forming machine:

1. Preparation stage: First, the operator needs to wear safety protective equipment to ensure personal safety. Then, check whether the equipment is intact, whether the parts are fastened, and whether the lubrication part is sufficient lubrication. At the same time, according to the production demand, prepare the corresponding metal sheet, and place it in the appropriate position of the equipment.

2. Start equipment: after ensuring all preparation, the operator can start the metal plate rolling forming machine. During the starting process, pay close attention to whether the equipment has abnormal sound or vibration. Once the abnormal situation is found, stop it immediately for inspection.

3. Adjustment parameters: According to the shape and size of the required molded metal sheet, the operator needs to adjust the rolling parameters of the equipment, including rolling pressure, rolling speed, rolling times, etc. Adjustment of these parameters is essential to ensure the molding quality.

4. Start rolling: After the parameter adjustment is completed, the operator can start the rolling operation of the metal plate. In the process of rolling, we should always pay attention to the running status of the equipment and the forming situation of the metal plate to ensure that the forming quality meets the requirements.

5. Inspection and adjustment: after the rolling is completed, the operator needs to check the formed metal plate to see whether it meets the requirements. If necessary, the equipment parameters can be fine-tuned according to the inspection results to obtain better molding results.

6. End of operation: When a batch of metal plate processing is completed, the operators need to close the equipment, clean up the work site, and do a good job in the daily maintenance of the equipment. At the same time, for the processed metal plate, to do a good job of identification and storage work, for subsequent use.

The above is the operation process of the metal plate rolling forming machine. In practice, operators need to strictly abide by the safety operation procedures, ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment, and constantly improve their own operation skills and level, to improve production efficiency and product quality.