161 Application of roof panel rolling forming machine precautions -

Application of roof panel rolling forming machine precautions


House panel rolling forming machine is an important industrial equipment, its application attention is related to production safety and equipment maintenance. The following are the following points to be noted when using this equipment:

1. Maintain the professionalism and concentration of the operator: when operating the roof panel roller forming machine, we must ensure that the operator is professionally trained to understand the performance and safety operation specifications of the equipment. The operator should maintain a high concentration at work and avoid distraction or fatigue.

2. Ensure that the equipment adjustment is correct: before the operation, the working parameters of the equipment should be carefully checked and adjusted, such as the height of the workbench and the pressure of the roller, to ensure that they meet the requirements of the production process.

3. Safety protection measures: because the roof panel rolling molding machine may produce large noise and vibration when working, the operator should wear earplugs and other protective equipment to reduce the damage to the body.

4. Avoid direct contact: During the operation process, it is strictly prohibited to directly contact the roller or workpiece of the rolling forming machine by hand to avoid accidental injury. It shall be operated with special tools.

5. Equipment maintenance and inspection: After the work, the power supply of the equipment should be turned off in time, clean up the sundries on the working table and the roller, and keep the equipment clean. At the same time, regularly maintain and check the equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.

In short, when using the roof panel rolling forming machine, we should strictly abide by the operating procedures, keep focused and vigilance, to ensure production safety and stable operation of equipment.