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How to use a double-roller forming machine


Double roller forming machine is a widely used in plastic, rubber, paper and other materials processing equipment, its operation method mainly includes the following steps:

1. Preparation stage: According to the production demand, select the appropriate raw materials, and pretreat them, such as preheating, mixing, etc. At the same time, check whether the parameters of the double-roll forming machine are normal, to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.

2. Charging and preheating: the pretreatment raw materials are added to the hopper of the double-roller forming machine, and the raw materials are transported to the double-rollers through the transmission device. In this process, the double roll will preheat to soften the raw material and facilitate the subsequent forming operation.

3. Forming operation: When the raw material is subjected to the pressure and temperature between the two rolls, it begins to gradually deform and fit the roller surface. We can control the molding shape and thickness of the raw material by adjusting the spacing, speed and temperature of the double rollers.

4. Cooling and curing: The formed material needs to go through the cooling and curing process to ensure the stability of its shape and structure. The double-roll forming opportunity provides the corresponding cooling device, allowing the material to solidify gradually during the cooling process.

5. Cutting and collection: After the material is fully cured, use the cutting device to cut it into the desired size and shape. Then, the cut finished product is collected for quality inspection and packaging.

In the whole operation process, the operator needs to pay close attention to the running state of the double-roll forming machine, adjust the parameters in time, to ensure the stability of the production process and the reliability of the product quality. At the same time, regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, in order to extend its service life and improve the production efficiency.