321 Operating steps for the roof panel and wall panel roller press -

Operating steps for the roof panel and wall panel roller press


The operation steps of the roof panel and wall board roller press are relatively complex, but following a certain order and precautions can ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation.

1. Preparation stage: First, check whether the equipment is in good condition, especially the key components of the roller, transmission system and lubrication system of the roller press. At the same time, ensure that the work area is clean and debris-free.

2. Material preparation: Prepare the roof panel and wall panel materials to be processed to ensure that their size, thickness and other parameters meet the processing requirements.

3. Start-up preheating: start the roller press and conduct preheating according to the requirements of the equipment instructions. The preheating time varies according to the equipment model and air temperature conditions.

4. Adjustment parameters: According to the specifications and requirements of the processing materials, adjust the roller clearance, pressure size, speed and other parameters of the roller press.

5. Material processing: put the prepared material into the roller press, and pay attention to the position and direction of the material. Start the roller press for processing.

6. Quality inspection: During the processing process, regularly check whether the quality and size of the products meet the requirements. If there is any conforming products, adjust parameters or stop for inspection.

7. Stop maintenance: after processing, close the roller press and clean the working area. At the same time, the necessary maintenance and maintenance to extend its service life.

When operating the roof panel and wall board roller press, always pay attention to safety and follow the equipment operation procedures. At the same time, through continuous learning and practice, improve the operational skills and efficiency.