301 Note for using a trapezoidal roof rolling forming machine -

Note for using a trapezoidal roof rolling forming machine


When using the trapezoidal roof rolling forming machine, special attention should be paid to the following points to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation:

First, the operator should have a deep understanding of the function and structure of the rolling molding machine. Only by fully understanding the working principle and characteristics of the machine, can we better maintenance and maintenance, so as to avoid the injury accidents caused by misoperation.

Secondly, before use, the moving part of the machine must be checked for signs of rust. If so, an appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be added to the moving part in time to ensure that the machine can be smooth and unimpeded, to avoid faults caused by excessive friction.

Moreover, the operator in the use of rolling molding machine, should always stand on the side of the machine, to prevent the machine suddenly failure or out of control caused by unnecessary injury. This is an important measure to protect their own safety.

Finally, if the machine is found faulty or abnormal during use, stop the operation immediately and cut off all power supplies. Then, the appropriate inspection and maintenance according to the fault situation, to ensure that the problem is solved in time, to avoid causing greater safety risks due to negligence.

In short, when using the trapezoidal roof rolling forming machine, it is necessary to strictly abide by the safety operation procedures, regular inspection and maintenance of the machine, maintain a high degree of vigilance and focus, so as to ensure the smooth operation, but also to ensure the personal safety of the operators.