291 Operation matters of the arched roof panel rolling forming machine -

Operation matters of the arched roof panel rolling forming machine


The ulted roof panel rolling forming machine is an efficient and accurate mechanical equipment for the production of arched roofing plates. When operating such devices, pay special attention to the following items:

1. Safety first: Before operation, be sure to ensure that there are no obstacles around the equipment, the power connection is stable, and the emergency stop button is functioning normally. Operators should wear protective equipment, such as safety hats, gloves, etc.

2. Preparation: Check whether the lubricating oil level and cooling water level of the equipment are normal, and ensure that the mold, roller and other parts are clean without sundries. Select the appropriate molds and process parameters according to the production requirements.

3. Operation process: Before starting the equipment, conduct no-load test operation to check whether the equipment runs smoothly and without abnormal sound. Then, the raw materials are sent to the molding machine, and the feeding speed is adjusted to ensure that the raw materials can be evenly and stably entered into the forming area.

4. Quality control: in the production process, we should pay close attention to the molding quality of the plate, such as whether the thickness, width and arch high parameters meet the requirements. If abnormal is found, adjust the process parameters or stop for inspection in time.

5. Maintenance and maintenance: After the equipment is used, the residual debris on the equipment should be cleaned up in time, and the necessary lubrication and maintenance of the equipment should be conducted. Check and maintain the equipment regularly to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.

In short, when operating the arch roof panel rolling forming machine, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating procedures and safety standards to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment and ensure the safety of the operators.