241 Workflow of double-layer roof coil forming machine -

Workflow of double-layer roof coil forming machine


Double roof coil forming machine is a kind of efficient equipment specially used for the production of double roof coil. The workflow can be summarized in the following steps:

First, the operator puts the preset raw materials into the feed inlet of the molding machine according to the process requirements. These raw materials are accurately measured and mixed to ensure the quality and performance of the products.

Next, the molding machine began to work, through the internal multiple rollers and molds, the raw materials gradually plastic into a double-layer structure. In this process, the molding opportunity is accurately regulated according to the preset parameters, such as thickness, width, etc., to ensure the size accuracy of the product.

During the molding process, the double-layer roof coil also needs to go through a series of heat treatment and cooling processes to ensure the stability of its physical properties. At the same time, the molding machine will also be the necessary surface treatment of the coil, such as pressing, glue, to meet the needs of different customers.

Finally, the double roof coil processed after the above steps will be cut into a preset length and discharged through the discharge port. These rolls will then be subject to quality inspection to meet the relevant standards and customer requirements before packaging and delivery.

Throughout the workflow, the double-layer roofing coil molding opportunity is able to operate automatically according to the preset procedures and parameters, and is equipped with a sound monitoring and alarm system to ensure the stability and safety of the production process.