221 The working principle of the shelf system machine -

The working principle of the shelf system machine


Shelf system machine is an important equipment in modern logistics and storage, and its working principle is mainly based on advanced automation technology and precise control system.

First, the shelf system machine can accurately identify information on goods, such as sensors and identification technologies, such as RFID and RFID) labels. This information is transmitted to the central control system, which conducts intelligent analysis and processing.

Then, the control system automatically plans the optimal storage location according to the characteristics and storage requirements of the goods. The shelf system machine follows these instructions to accurately place the goods at the designated location. At the same time, the machine will also update the inventory information in real time to ensure the accuracy and real-time performance of the inventory data.

During the pickup process, too, the shelf system machine will also automatically locate the goods to the location according to the order information, and then remove the goods through the electric drive device, and deliver it to the designated location. The whole process requires no human intervention and greatly improves the efficiency of warehousing and logistics.

In addition, the shelf system machine also has an automatic inventory function. During the inventory, the machine will automatically go through all the cargo paces, identify and count the goods one by one, and transmit the results to the control system to generate a detailed inventory report.

In general, the shelf system machine works by achieving rapid and accurate access and inventory management of goods through automated technology and accurate control. It greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of logistics and warehousing, and is an indispensable and important equipment in the modern logistics industry.