71 What is the working principle of the wide rolling shutter panel rolling forming machine -

What is the working principle of the wide rolling shutter panel rolling forming machine


The working principle of the rolling forming machine is a complex process involving pressure processing and mechanical control technology. Below I will explain to you how it works.

First, the rolling molding machine needs to receive clear work instructions before working. This instruction comes from the control system, which is responsible for the movement coordination and precise control of the whole machinery. When the command is given, the hydraulic system functions to provide the required pressure for the rolling die.

Then, under the action of the rolling mold pressure, the wide rolling shutter plate rolling processing began. In this process, the contact point between the rolling die and the door plate will be subjected to a huge pressure, leading to the plastic deformation of the door plate material. As the roll die continues to roll, this deformation will gradually expand along the length of the door panel, eventually giving it the desired shape and size.

At the same time, the control system plays a vital role in the whole processing process. It should not only ensure that the pressure provided by the hydraulic system is stable and appropriate, but also accurately control the rolling speed and track of the rolling mold to ensure the processing quality of the door panel. In addition, the control system will adjust the working parameters in real time according to the processing progress and feedback signal to realize the optimization and adaptation of the processing process.

Finally, when the rolling processing is completed, the control system will issue instructions to make the hydraulic system stop the pressure supply, and the rolling die quit the working state. At this point, the formed wide rolling shutter door can be removed from the machine for subsequent processing or installation work.

In conclusion, the working principle of wide rolling shutter panel rolling molding machine is a complex process integrating pressure processing, mechanical control and automation technology. Through accurate control system and efficient hydraulic system, the precision processing and efficient production of wide rolling curtain door panel are realized.