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Working principle of double layer roller press


The double-layer roller press is a high-efficiency, energy-saving mechanical equipment widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other fields. Its working principle is to use the pressure of the upper and lower rollers to compress the material into flakes or granules.

When the double-layer roller press works, the upper and lower rollers rotate at different speeds. The material enters the machine from above and is gradually compressed into flakes or granules after being rolled multiple times by the two rollers. This rolling process can destroy the internal structure of the material and make it denser. It can also increase the specific surface area of the material and increase its reactivity.

The double-layer roller press has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, low energy consumption, and high output, so it is widely used in various industrial productions. For example, in the metallurgical industry, the double-layer roller press can be used to produce various metal sheets, strips, etc.; in the building materials industry, it can be used to produce various new wall materials, insulation materials, etc.; in the chemical industry, it can be used Produces various catalysts, additives, etc.

In short, the double-layer roller press has brought huge economic and social benefits to various industrial productions with its unique working principle and advantages.