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The process flow of Cold Rolling Forming Machinery


The process flow of cold rolling forming machinery includes the following main steps:

1. Raw material preparation: The raw materials used in the cold rolling process are usually hot-rolled steel coils. These steel coils need to be cut, removed, and trimmed to ensure the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the material.

2. Hot rolling pre-treatment: This step includes annealing, descaling and surface treatment, aiming to prepare for the subsequent cold rolling process.

3. Cold rolling: After hot rolling pre-treatment, the material is sent to the cold rolling mill for cold rolling. During the cold rolling process, the material is gradually compressed into the desired shape and size.

4. Pickling: Cold-rolled materials need to be pickled to remove surface impurities and oxide layers and improve the cleanliness of the material.

5. Annealing and processing of finished products: The pickled material is then annealed to adjust its internal structure and improve the plasticity and toughness of the material. Finally, the finished product is processed according to the product requirements, such as cutting, bending, stamping and other operations.

The above process flow is for reference only, and the specific process flow may be adjusted due to different production equipment and product requirements.