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Process and Development Trend of Forming Roll Forming Machine


The forming roller forming machine is an efficient and precise processing equipment that is widely used in the processing of plastics, rubber, leather and other materials. This article will introduce in detail the process flow, application fields and future development trends of the forming roller forming machine.


Forming roller forming machine process flow

The forming roller forming machine mainly uses roll forming to continuously deform and solidify the material between rollers to obtain the required shape and size. The process flow generally includes the following steps:

1. Material preparation: Preprocess the materials to be processed, such as drying, cutting, etc.

2. Roller adjustment: According to product requirements, adjust the spacing, pressure and other parameters of the forming rollers.

3. Material feeding: Feed the material between the forming rollers to ensure that the material is flat and without folds.

4. Forming process: Through the rotation and pressure of the rollers, the material is deformed and solidified between the rollers.

5. Product removal: Take the formed product out from between the rollers and conduct quality inspection.

6. Waste processing: Collect and process waste materials for subsequent use.


Application areas of forming roll forming machines

Forming roll forming machines are widely used in many fields, such as:

1. Plastic processing: can be used to produce various plastic products, such as plastic bottles, plastic barrels, etc.

2. Rubber processing: can be used to produce various rubber products, such as tires, rubber tubes, etc.

3. Leather processing: It can be used to produce various leather products, such as leather shoes, leather clothing, etc.

4. Other material processing: It can also be used in the processing of metal, paper and other materials.


The future development trend of forming roller forming machines

With the continuous development of science and technology, forming roller forming machines are also constantly upgraded and improved. In the future, forming roller forming machines will develop in the following directions:

1. Intelligentization: Use advanced control systems and sensor technologies to achieve automated and intelligent production of equipment.

2. Efficiency: Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs by optimizing process flows and improving equipment performance.