931 How to Debug the Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine -

How to Debug the Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine


The choice of the pre-embedded position of the roll forming machine is very important. It must be based on the size of the machine. The selected position must be correct and firm. During installation, it should also reach the strength of the allowable installation to ensure that workers operate. security. Generally, the ex-factory molding machine has been tested in the factory before leaving the factory. In the process of long-distance transportation or long-term placement without various reasons, the rolling molding machine must be debugged before use, and after the safety work is done to be put into use.

When using it, you need to do the following debugging:

1. It is necessary to check whether the roll forming machine is deformed or damaged during transportation. If there is any, it must be paid attention to before it can be used after maintenance.

2. If the main parts are placed for a long time, there may be signs of loosening, which should be checked.

3. Check whether the movable parts of the roll forming machine need to be added with lubricating oil to prevent rust or not be used normally.

Fourth, you should also check whether the host and the brake are sensitive when working and how fast they respond.

Before putting the roll forming machine into use, be sure to wipe the machine, add a certain amount of lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine, and match all the parts of the assembly relationship during installation.