111 Debugging of cold-formed steel machinery -

Debugging of cold-formed steel machinery


Cold-formed steel machinery is used in many projects, and its role cannot be replaced. While improving the processing accuracy, the cold-formed steel machine reduces the damage to the original structural strength of the steel, making the arch beam and arch frame more suitable for engineering, but want to To better use the forming machine, it is very important to understand the debugging method of the cold roll forming machine.
When operating cold-formed steel machinery, you must first read the operating procedures and wear safety protection measures. The equipment should be cleaned before production to avoid debris falling into the machine and damage the mechanical equipment during operation; adjust the accessories according to the size of the steel, and the size of the general accessories is equal to or larger than the size of the steel.
When folding the clamping plate, the pressure on the equipment should be reduced as much as possible to avoid damage to the equipment. When operating and using, the steel should be put into the equipment and the time interval should be adjusted left and right. Only one piece of steel can be made at a time. When making section steel, be sure not to put your hands into the equipment to cause bodily injury, pay attention to safety.
After the operation is completed, turn off the power and exit the program, and check and maintain the equipment. The environment used in cold-formed steel processing is different. If the debugging work is not completed, the forming machine cannot play its use value. The corresponding cold-formed steel machinery will play an increasingly important role, with more convenient performance and better efficiency. Debugging Work is very important.