2231 Solution to the malfunction of metal roll former oil cylinder -

Solution to the malfunction of metal roll former oil cylinder

1.When troubleshooting the cylinder of the cold bending forming equipment, first check whether the valve core is stuck or the valve hole is blocked, or whether the piston rod and cylinder are stuck. These faults are generally caused by dirty hydraulic oil. After cleaning the oil cylinder, filter the hydraulic oil to solve the problem.

2. Check if the centerline structure of the piston rod and cylinder barrel is on the same line. If we are not on the same centerline, it indicates that the oil cylinder is deformed. In this case, it can also cause the enterprise to be powerless or unable to work. If the problem is serious, a new one needs to be replaced.

3. There are several reasons for this situation, such as insufficient cylinder action, insufficient thrust, and incorrect parking. Firstly, there is oil leakage in the cylinder, secondly, there is circuit leakage, and thirdly, there is a safety valve bypass circuit. This is an internal injury, and some problems can be repaired, while others cannot. Generally, such problems need to be repaired by relevant personnel, but even if someone repairs them, it is better than replacing them.