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Definition and technical advantages of cold roll forming

Cold roll forming refers to the continuous transverse bending of metal sheets or strips, such as coils and strips, through sequentially configured multi pass forming rollers, in order to produce the required specific cross-sectional profiles. So, it is also a plastic processing process. Its main advantage is that it can achieve energy conservation, material conservation, and high efficiency, so it has many advantages and is therefore widely used. Moreover, the use of this process can improve product quality, shorten product development cycles, and thereby improve production efficiency.

The main advantages of cold bending forming technology include:

(1) In the rough forming section, the replacement of the rollers does not need to be carried out entirely, but can be partially carried out, which can save the amount of rollers used.

(2) Its roller shaped surface is simple, and its manufacturing and repair are very convenient.

(3) Its molding process is stable, and its products can come in multiple specifications.