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Importance of mechanical cleaning of colored steel tile


Color steel tile machinery is composed of unwinding, forming, and post-forming cutting. The color plate produced by the machine has a flat and beautiful appearance, uniform paint pattern, high strength and durability. It is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, theaters. Wait for the room and walls.

The cleaning of the color plate pressing machine is very important. The following three points are briefly introduced for you:

1. The cleaning of the color plate pressing machine is very important, whether it is the surface of the pressing machine, or the wheel, the driving input shaft, the pinion, the large gear and the driving upper shaft. In the daily maintenance process of the color plate pressing machine, we must pay attention to regularly clean up the dust and oil on it, and also ensure the lubrication of various gears and bearings, and apply lubricating oil regularly.

2. When the color plate pressing machine is working normally, it is strictly forbidden to work under the condition of exceeding the small closing height. The specific performance is that the minimum distance between the bottom surface of the upper sliding box and each working surface in work is more than 290mm; the height of the upper and lower grinding tools and the thick bottom of the upper and lower backing plates plus the thickness of the tile, it is best not to exceed the total height of 290mm. Scope. Otherwise, once a machine tool accident occurs, you will regret it.

3. The indexing situation of the working table of the color plate pressing machine. It is realized by the gear set installed on the broken end of the upper shaft, the transmission pin gear and the sheave on the hexagonal runner shaft to realize the indexing and positioning work of the pressing machine. There is a return cam that is conjugated to the pressing cam installed on the same pressing machine shaft at both ends of the upper shaft of the pressing machine, so that the operator can use the positioning rod or positioning plate to realize the lowering The mold is positioned at the working position; there are also lubricating pumps installed in the chassis on both sides of the pressing machine, as well as a device for conveying lubricating oil to various friction moving parts by oil pipes.