861 Maintenance knowledge of Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine -

Maintenance knowledge of Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine


The daily roll forming machine is a forming machine with a high degree of automation and complete functional maintenance, which can improve product quality, increase power and reduce labor intensity of workers. At the same time, the technology in this production field has been further promoted.

1 Before driving, check whether the main engine is complete, whether the belt is tight and whether the electrical is loose, and whether the electrical grounding is good;

2. Check whether the connecting bolts of the vibration table, the mold box and the slider, the vibrator and the indenter beam, the feeding setting and the main frame are loose;

3. Check all moving parts and add lubricating oil according to lubrication requirements;

4. It is forbidden to run the vibrator without load;

5 After the end of each day's work, all parts of the machine should be in the initial state and all parts of the machine should be cleaned to prevent the concrete from condensing on the machine, but the machine should not be washed with water;

6. The vibration device and the reducer should be regularly replaced with lubricating oil and maintained, and the vibration device should be dismantled, cleaned, and oil changed at least once within half a year;

7. Electrical control cabinets and electrical control parts should be protected from moisture, sunscreen and dust;

8. Check the size of the bottom plate. Those who are not qualified are not allowed to use it, so as not to block the machine and damage the machine.

These are the eight major maintenance knowledge of the roll forming machine. The habit of regular maintenance and cleaning can be developed in normal use, in order to better exert the performance of the equipment and liberate the labor intensity of workers.