841 Introduction to Rolling Shutter Roll Forming Machine -

Introduction to Rolling Shutter Roll Forming Machine


The reason why the roll forming machine can attract the attention of users in today's complex market environment is that it has a very good use effect in practical applications. But what we need to know is that if employees want to give full play to the effect of the forming machine, they must do these tasks well in the process of using it. The following is an introduction to the use of the rolling forming machine.

1. The employees who are responsible for operating the rolling forming machine must keep their own equipment in the process of use. Without the consent of the supervisor, other people are not allowed to operate and use it at will, and the forming machine must be guaranteed during use. Accessories, gauges and guards are all intact.

2. In the process of operating the roll forming machine, it is necessary to strictly implement the equipment maintenance regulations and process regulations, and it is not allowed to use the equipment overloaded. In the process of using the equipment, it is necessary to carefully maintain the equipment and operate the equipment in a civilized manner.

3. In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, it is necessary to keep the equipment in a state of "tidy, clean, lubricated and safe" in the process of use, to eliminate the faults of the equipment in time, and to cooperate with the maintenance personnel for maintenance. .

The above mentioned are some of the work that needs to be done in the process of using the rolling forming machine. I hope that the performance characteristics of the forming machine can be better played.