Automatic Roll Forming Machine




An Automatic Roll Forming Machine is a specialized mechanical tool that is specially designed to produce continuous lengths of metal sheets or profiles with uniform cross-sectional shapes. This machine is ideal for mass production of various metal profiles such as floor decking, metal roofing, wall cladding, and various structural shapes.


This machine uses a set of rollers to reshape a flat metal sheet into the desired profile, which is then cut to the desired length. The machine can be configured to produce different shapes and sizes of metal profiles depending on the requirements of the application. It is a versatile machine that can be used in various industries such as construction, automotive, and industrial manufacturing.


No matter what type of metal profile you want to produce, an Automatic Roll Forming Machine can help you achieve it. Whether you need a simple profile or a complex one, this machine can provide consistent results. Here are some of the features and benefits of an Automatic Roll Forming Machine that you should consider:


1. High Precision and Accuracy


The Automatic Roll Forming Machine uses advanced technology to produce metal profiles with high precision and accuracy. The rollers are designed to create the desired shape with the utmost precision, ensuring consistent quality in every product.


2. High Production Capacity


The machine has a high production capacity, which makes it ideal for mass production of metal profiles. Depending on the size and complexity of the profile, the machine can produce up to 25 meters of material per minute.


3. Easy to Use


The machine is easy to use and can be operated by a single person. The control panel is user-friendly, and the machine's operation can be easily customized to meet the needs of different applications.


4. Low Maintenance


The Automatic Roll Forming Machine requires minimal maintenance, which makes it easy to operate and maintain. It is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and will provide reliable performance for years.


5. Versatile


The machine is versatile and can be used to produce a wide range of metal profiles such as floor decking, roof panels, wall cladding, and various structural shapes. This versatility makes it ideal for use in various industries.


6. Cost-Effective


The Automatic Roll Forming Machine is cost-effective, as it reduces the need for manual labor and increases production efficiency. This translates into lower production costs and increased profitability.


7. Consistent Quality


The machine produces metal profiles with consistent quality, ensuring that every product meets the required standards. This consistency is essential, especially in industries such as construction and automotive, where quality is critical.


8. Environmentally Friendly


The machine is environmentally friendly, as it produces less waste compared to traditional metal forming methods. This is because the machine is designed to produce the required profile with minimal material waste.


In conclusion, an Automatic Roll Forming Machine is an essential tool for any manufacturer looking to produce metal profiles efficiently and effectively. With its high precision, accuracy, production capacity, and ease of use, this machine is an investment that will provide significant returns in the long run. By investing in this machine, you can increase your production capacity, reduce labor costs, and improve the quality of your products.



This Automatic Roll Forming Machine is used to make hot rolled plates into columns, beams, arms and other parts in mechanical manufacturing by cold bending, and is widely used in various industrial workshops, civil buildings, warehouses and other fields. The fuselage is made of high-quality metal material, and the surface is coated with antirust powder coating, which makes it beautiful and durable. At the same time, this machine is very simple to operate. When customers use it, they only need to set the length and quantity, and it will start to work to produce steel with different specifications and shapes.


This Automatic Roll Forming Machine adopts flexible design and automatic working mode, which can produce quickly according to the parameters you set, and help you effectively improve the processing efficiency. Its PLC computer control system will ensure accurate processing data and adjust the hydraulic system in time to help the fuselage maintain stability. In addition, this machine adopts a compact design with a solid fuselage frame, which is stable and noiseless.





High performance.

No noise.

Low cost

Five years warranty

Long working life

Easy to operate

High quality

Full Automatic


Components of the machine

Three tons of manual decoiler: 1 unit

Main roll forming machine: 1 unit

Hydraulic system: 1 unit

PLC control cabinet: 1 unit

Collection table: 2 unit

Spare part: 1 unit


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