Steel Water Tank Rollformer




The Steel Water Tank Rollformer is a unique and innovative product that has been designed to help people achieve their water storage goals. It’s a state-of-the-art water tank manufacturing machine that’s well-suited to producing custom-made water tanks based on your specific requirements. It’s designed to cater to both large-scale and small-scale water storage solutions, making it ideal for homeowners, business owners, and industrialists alike.

Features & Benefits

The Steel Water Tank Rollformer provides an array of features and benefits that make it stand out from other rollformer machines in the market. Some of the features and benefits include:

1. High Quality

One of the key attractions of the Steel Water Tank Rollformer is its manufacturing quality. The machine is made with high-quality materials that provide the perfect fit for water tank production. Not only does the machine provide precision and accuracy in creating tanks that are free from defects, but its high-strength material also ensures durability and longevity.

2. Easy to Use

Another feature that buyers will appreciate is the user-friendly nature of the Steel Water Tank Rollformer. Set up is simple and straightforward, allowing merchants to begin using the machine as soon as possible. There is also no need to hire additional laborers to operate the machine, meaning that you can save on labor costs when using the steel water tank rollforming process.

3. Low maintenance

The machine’s low maintenance requirements is another benefit that merchants will appreciate. The Steel Water Tank Rollformer has been designed with a low-impact motor system that’s sturdy enough to last for years to come with regular servicing, while the engineering makes disassembling and reassembling the machine for maintenance extremely easy.

4. Precision and Accuracy

The machine provides precision and accuracy in making roll formed steel water tanks that are structurally sound, watertight, and free of defects. Merchants can expect to see more than 99.9% accuracy in the resultant product.

5. Customization

Customization is another significant benefit of the Steel Water Tank Rollformer. It is ideal for tailoring water tanks to meet specific individual needs. It can make tanks of various sizes and shapes, so merchants can offer customers a variety of options to choose from.

Technical Specification

The Steel Water Tank Rollformer has specific technical specifications that make it a unique machine. It has a maximum speed of 15m/min and can handle steel thickness ranging from 0.4 – 1.5mm. It has a total power of 19KW and a line dimension of 16m x 2m x 1.8m. The device's weight is approximately 14 tonnes, so merchants will need to consider having a suitable space to accommodate the machine.


The Steel Water Tank Rollformer is a must for anyone looking to produce water storage tanks efficiently and cost-effectively. Its high-quality production, low maintenance, customization, technical specification, and ease of use make it the perfect choice for merchants looking to produce water tanks that cater to both individual and commercial distribution. With this machine, merchants are sure to produce top-grade water tanks that meet customers' diverse needs.

As a trusted manufacturer in China, we guarantee that our Steel Water Tank Rollformer will meet and exceed your expectations. It's an investment that will result in quality products and satisfied customers. Get in touch with us to get your hands on this innovative and game-changing product.


Steel Water Tank Rollformer is used to produce steel water tanks of various sizes and capacities. By using the rolling forming process, the steel plate can be bent into a spiral shape to facilitate subsequent welding. The steel water tank produced by this machine is very durable and has received high praise from many customers. This machine has a high degree of automation and can quickly complete operations such as rolling and forming. The internal parts are of high quality, so the machine requires less maintenance. This machine can produce water tanks of different models and sizes. Our company also accepts customer customization requirements and produces and processes according to the drawings and specifications provided by the customer! Welcome to contact us for more information!

1. This machine is used to produce steel water tanks of different sizes and capacities, and has high production efficiency and accuracy.
2. The water tanks produced by this Steel Water Tank Rollformer are durable, seamless, and corrosion-resistant.
3. We accept customization, and you can provide us with drawings or requirements for our production and processing.
4. Adopting automated rolling and other operations to improve production accuracy and efficiency.

Steel Bin Forming Machine

1. Profile Drawing


2. Process Drawing


Detail Information

10T Passive decoiler

Steel coil width

From 900 mm to 1250 mm

Internal diameter of coil

Variable, from 470 mm to 620 mm

Maximal out diameter


Maximum coil weight

10000 Kg

Pulling of steel from the coil to the pulling mechanism for the start


Suitable of the pulling mechanism for all required thicknesses


Device preventing unwinding of the coil from the coil holder



Feeding type


Feeding width range


Entrance and guide roller

Diameter is ¢65mm, material is SAE1045, HRC48-52° surface with chrome

Roll Forming

Material of the profile

195-235Mpa GI or carbon steel

Thickness range


Maximum production speed

Not less than 13 meters per minute (for non-perforated profiles, excluding cutting)

Main motor power

18.5kw, AC motor, motor inside of main machine (Brand: Guomao of China)

Machine Voltage, Frequency, Phase

380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase

Roll station

20 stations

Roller material

Gcr15 bearing material chrome plated surface with hardness 58-62 degree, CNC

Shaft diameter

¢65mm material: SAE1045 with quenching and tempering


By chain

Color of machine

Blue and yellow (or base on customer request)


The punches and dollies will be CR12, hardness HRC 58-62 and chrome coating both punches and dolies should be easily replaceable without requiring disassembly of complete units.

Hydraulic power


Working pressure


Cutting system

Cutting motion

The main machine automatically stops and the cutting will take place. After the cutting, the main machine will automatically start.

Cutting after forming

Cut the sheet after roll forming to required length

Material of blade

CR12with heat treatment

Length measuring

Automatic length measuring

Tolerance of length

+/- 2mm

3 Station Curving Machine



Maximal feeding width


Roll speed


Main power


Roll station

3 stations

Shaft material

45# forge steel, polished and coated with chrome

Diameter of shaft


Material of roller

Gcr15 steel, polished and with HRC58-62°

Adjust angle motor power


Curving mode


Curving diameter


Control desk

Programmable setting of profile dimensions

To be provided

Setting of distances between the perforation holes in the transversal direction of the profile

To be provided, according to the approved drawing

Operating system language

English and Russian.

Voltage, Frequency, Phase

380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase

Control panel

Button-type switch and touch screen

Unit of length

Millimeter (switched on the control panel)

PLC brand


Frequency converter brand


Touch screen

Taiwan Weinview


Lip Drawing


Water Tank Pictures

Water Tank (2)

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