351 Actual Operation Regulations Of Cold-formed Steel Machine -

Actual Operation Regulations Of Cold-formed Steel Machine


Before adjustment, check the contents of the cold-formed steel equipment, adjust the steam pressure to ten meters Pato, and run it for about 3 minutes. If you think there is no problem, you can officially start working. The installation of equipment and equipment must be firm and stable.

Oil and gear oil should be removed and replaced in time before application. Correct use of cold-formed steel equipment in accordance with practical operating standards and safety practical operating standards. Avoid damaging the electric motor if there is no oil in the car's gas tank.

 The oil in the car's tank should be able to assume that the lack of oil will increase over time. The lubrication of the equipment should remain stable and should be maintained regularly.

If the equipment is not used for a long time, anti-rust treatment should be carried out in advance to prevent corrosion.

Generally speaking, it is general cold-formed steel equipment. During the entire operation, the multi-system software must cooperate to successfully execute the door fixing brackets of its auxiliary system software and install the fully automatic hot-rolled strip in the middle of the steel. When the design plan stipulates electrical isolation, the hydraulic transmission system allows the closing of the hydraulic cylinder tail groove and the cold-drawn roll cold-formed steel. It's a gear drive that kicks in and pushes the steel forward. Then it got cold again.

Compared with the traditional stamping processing technology, this cold drawing processing technology has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, low noise, high efficiency and high efficiency. Reasonable operation and lubrication technology of cold-formed steel equipment.

The upper and lower rolls or horizontal wheels of cold-formed steel equipment should be properly operated and maintained, otherwise problems will occur throughout the application process. For example, dragging a motion profile can cause motion profile deformation and force unevenness, shortening its lifespan.

If bending and deformation occur during processing, the main reason is the imbalance of ground stress. Therefore, ground stresses should be balanced during the design process to facilitate precise solutions.

During the whole process of cold rolling of cold-formed steel, the reliability of cold-rolling working pressure should be considered. If the chemical is on track, certain effective measures should be taken accordingly. For example, when assembled, the clearance between each area of the wheel is the same. You can set the trend before you bite into the raw material. During the entire process of lubricating and freezing roll grinding tools, friction must be created between the rollers and the nylon conveyor belt surface. Drum lubricants are generally divided into non-aqueous lubricants and water-soluble lubricants. Water-soluble moisturizing lotion is widely used for oil slick, thin and thick seal, excellent lubricity and rust resistance.

It is well known that during localized corrosion and storage, care should be taken to prevent lubricant residues on the surface of the model. Although the lubricating performance of the molten organic chemical lubricant is slightly inferior, the environmental pollution of its profile and equipment is low, and it can maintain a green manufacturing natural environment.