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Cold Bending Effect Requirements Of Cold Forming Machine


The domestic cold-formed steel machine is simple, the technical equipment is backward, and the unit equipment is not matched. Existing production equipment is difficult to produce high-quality products with special requirements. Compared with ordinary steel structures, cold-formed steel has many special situations, such as cold-formed effects, local buckling and super-buckling of plates, and material requirements. Therefore, there are still many technical issues to be further studied.

my country's cold-formed steel industry has borrowed a lot of foreign technical experience in technical equipment, but it does not have its own scientific and technological innovation and complete product system. Many new technological achievements need to be improved and improved. The basic research and process research are not paid enough attention and the research lags behind. Unless the development of new products is hindered by the process problems, people will pay attention to the process problems.

The development and application of cold-formed steel machines are relatively backward. At present, there are also great problems with raw materials. For example, the steel has dimensional tolerances, large head and tail tolerances, severe sickle bending, and unstable materials. The production performance of different factories of the same steel grade is different, and the content of phosphorus and sulfur impurities is much higher than that of foreign countries. In particular, the development of specialized steel grades cannot meet the requirements of users, and the high-strength, high-plasticity refined grain steel, pure steel, and quality gap still exist.

my country's cold-formed steel output accounts for an insufficient proportion of steel output. Based on the 15 million t in 2012 and the national crude steel output of 723.88 million t, accounting for about 2.07%, cold-formed steel in developed countries accounts for 10% to 20% of steel output. . The product development and market development of my country's cold-formed steel industry are obviously insufficient. Some potential application fields are far from being developed, and the product homogeneity tends to be serious.

According to the survey, construction, machinery, automobile, agricultural vehicle, shipbuilding, railway and container related industries with concentrated steel consumption have a very low use ratio of cold-formed steel. Only take the steel structure manufacturing industry in the construction industry, whose steel consumption accounts for 56.1% of my country's steel output, as an example, the use of cold-formed steel is about 1.56 million t, accounting for 6% to 7% of the total steel used for steel structures, which is comparable to the international average. The level of 15% is a far cry, let alone the level of 70% in the United States. It shows that the industrial foundation of cold-formed steel in my country is weak, and there is a big gap compared with developed countries, which seriously restricts the healthy development of the cold-formed steel industry.