C Purlin Rollformer



As a manufacturer located in China, we strive to provide high-quality products to our customers across the globe. One of our best-selling products is the C Purlin Rollformer, which is designed to help merchants create durable and reliable structures.

What is a C Purlin Rollformer?

A C Purlin Rollformer is a machine used to manufacture metal purlins. Purlins, in turn, are used to support the roof and walls of buildings by transferring loads to the primary structure. They are a critical component of building construction and can determine the strength and stability of the building.

Advantages of a C Purlin Rollformer

The C Purlin Rollformer has several advantages compared to traditional purlin manufacturing methods. Some of these advantages include:

1. Cost savings: Manufacturing purlins using a rollformer costs less compared to traditional methods such as welding.

2. Speed: The rollformer can produce purlins quickly and efficiently, which is valuable for time-sensitive projects.

3. Flexibility: The rollformer can produce purlins of various sizes and shapes, which enables customization and flexibility in building design.

4. High-Quality Output: The rollformer produces consistent and accurate purlins, ensuring the quality of the product.

5. Easy Maintenance: The rollformer is easy to maintain and requires minimal upkeep, thereby minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

Applications of C Purlin Rollformer

The C Purlin Rollformer has a wide range of applications across different industries. Some of the applications include:

1. Steel Frame Buildings: The C Purlin Rollformer is widely used in steel-framed buildings, where it produces purlins that support the roof and walls.

2. Civil Engineering: In civil engineering, the rollformer produces purlins used for bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects.

3. Greenhouses: The rollformer manufactures purlins that support the greenhouse covering, ensuring reliable and robust structures.

4. Industrial Applications: The rollformer produces purlins that are used to support industrial roofs, offering excellent load-bearing capabilities.

Features of our C Purlin Rollformer

Our C Purlin Rollformer comes with several features that enhance its performance and durability. Some of the features include:

1. High-precision roll forming equipment: Our C Purlin Rollformer utilizes precision equipment, ensuring accuracy and consistency of the output.

2. Durable materials: The machine's components are made of high-quality materials that ensure longevity and durability.

3. Easy-to-use interface: Our rollformer has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate and maintain.

4. Safety features: Safety is a priority for us, and our rollformer comes with several safety features that protect the operator and the machine.

5. Customization: We understand that every customer's needs are unique, and we offer customization options that enable our clients to choose the right size and shape of the purlin.


In conclusion, our C Purlin Rollformer offers several advantages over traditional purlin manufacturing methods, making it a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable solution for construction projects. Its wide range of applications, high-quality output, and durability make it a valuable investment for merchants seeking to enhance their construction capabilities. As a manufacturer located in China, we are committed to delivering high-quality products to our customers worldwide, and our C Purlin Rollformer is no exception. Contact us today to learn more about our rollformer and how it can benefit your business.


The C Purlin Rollformer produces purlins with good compressive strength and flatness. It has a combination of functions such as automatic measurement, automatic cutting, and punching, so the product quality is more stable. A high level of automation and convenient installation can greatly reduce the difficulty of using and operating the equipment. Because the material it produces is cost-effective and has stable functions, it is often used in the main stress structure of large and medium-sized civil buildings, such as warehouses, locomotive shed exhibition halls, theaters, gymnasiums, etc. At the same time, this machine can also be used for the production of roof and wall support materials, since the roof needs to bear the weight of snow and wind, it also needs good load-bearing capacity. In addition to the intelligent PLC control system, the C Purlin Rollformer is equipped with a color touch screen to further simplify equipment operation and reduce training costs.

Technical Process


Passive Uncoil — Guided Feeding -- Pinch Roll (1) — Punching -- Pinch Roll (2) -- Guided Feeding — Roller Punching — Roller Forming — Cut to Length -- Collection


Technical Parameters

C Purlin Rollformer

Cutting System

1. Feeding Width

1. Ways of Cutting


2. Sheet Thickness


2. Cutting & Punching Power


3. Rolling Speed


3. Blade Material


4. Rolling Station


5. forming Machine Power


6. Roller Material

High Quality 45# round steel


7. Shaft OD


Punching 1


8. Shaft Material

High Quality 45# round steel

Punching 2

9. Wall Thickness


Punching 3

10. Ways of Transmission

Cycloidal Pinwheel Reduction Box + Chain Drive


11. Feeding & Punching

3KW Servo-Motor

1. Ways of Discharge


2. Total Length of Discharge

Feeding & Leveling

1. Ways of Feeding


3. Glossy Lamination

As per customer request

2. Pinch

Pinch Roll

3. Ways of Pinch

Pinch Roll

4. Leveling Rollers

Equipment List

1. Hydraulic Station: Wuxi Aoxiang

2. Valve: Imported from Taiwan

3. Motor: Jiangyin Kaicheng

4. Reducer: Changzhou Huiyuan

5. Servo-Motor: Xinjie

6. Electric Component: Schneider

7. PLC: Omron/Pansonic/Misubishi

8. Limit Switch: Schneider

9. Button: Schneider

10. Touch Screen: 7 inch colors screen

11. Relay: Omron

12. Cable: Jiangnan Cable Factory

13. aviation Connector: Manufacturer in Shanghai

14. Bearing: very famous manufacturer in China, HRB

15. Chain: Manufacturer in Shanghai

16. Hydro-cylinder: Manufactured in our own factory.

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