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Welcome to our product introduction for our Shape Roll Forming Machine. As a manufacturer located in China, we offer high-quality products to merchants in various countries outside of China. Our Shape Roll Forming Machine is one such product that is gaining popularity among merchants due to its excellent features and capabilities.

Our Shape Roll Forming Machine is a highly advanced technology product that is designed to meet the various needs of customers. This product is highly efficient, cost-effective, and offers various functionalities to ensure that it meets your production and manufacturing requirements.

In this product introduction, we will highlight the features and capabilities that make our Shape Roll Forming Machine stand out from the rest.


1. High-Quality Material:

Our Shape Roll Forming Machine is made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. We use top-quality steel to ensure that our machines have a long service life and can withstand harsh conditions.

2. Customizable:

Our Shape Roll Forming Machine is highly customizable, which means that it can be modified to meet your specific requirements. This feature ensures that the machine meets your production demands and saves you time and money.

3. User-Friendly:

Our Shape Roll Forming Machine is easy to use and does not require any prior technical experience. We have ensured that the machine's interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for operators to use.

4. High Efficiency:

Our Shape Roll Forming Machine is highly efficient and can produce high-quality products within a shorter period. The machine's speed and accuracy ensure that you meet your production output targets while maintaining quality.


1. Versatile:

Our Shape Roll Forming Machine is versatile and can produce various shapes and sizes of rolled products. This feature means that the machine can be used to produce products for different applications.

2. Large Production Capacity:

Our Shape Roll Forming Machine can produce a large number of products in a shorter period, making it ideal for large scale manufacturing. The machine's high output reduces the production time and increases production efficiency, saving you time and money.

3. Cost-Effective:

Our Shape Roll Forming Machine is a cost-effective solution for your production needs. The machine's high output ensures that you get value for your money by producing products within a shorter time, reducing labor costs.

4. Low Maintenance:

Our Shape Roll Forming Machine requires minimal maintenance and is designed to operate for long periods with minimal wear and tear. The machine's low maintenance requirement ensures that you save money spent on repairs and maintenance.


Our Shape Roll Forming Machine is an excellent product that is designed to meet the various needs of customers. Its high efficiency, speed, accuracy, and versatility make it ideal for large scale production, reducing labor costs and increasing production efficiency. Its customizable nature ensures that the machine meets your production demands, saving you time and money. Contact us today to order your Shape Roll Forming Machine and experience the benefits of our high-quality product.


The Shape Roll Forming Machine is a piece of equipment that can press and shape sheet metal, and it can also perform a variety of other processing tasks, such as punching, cutting, and more. Our equipment consists of a feeding device, molding system, hydraulic system, PLC control system, and other parts, which can realize systematic and efficient molding. The raw material usually enters the machine in sheet form, and then rollers process and shape the material. Our products are very suitable for various scenarios such as buildings, factories, roads and so on. When you want to change from c purlin to z purlin, you only need to change the direction of the rollers. Due to the stable structure, the equipment is very safe to operate and does not make a lot of noise. The PLC control system greatly reduces the difficulty of equipment operation, and the automation of the production process can also improve the stability of the finished product and improve production efficiency. If you want to know more details about the Shape Roll Forming Machine, you can contact us directly.



C-80mm to 300mm and Z-120mm to 300 purlins adjustable roll forming machine post punching and post cutting.


Weight of the Shape Roll Forming Machine should be: 9.0MT

Dimension: (length)10m×(width)1.4m×(height)1.8m

Decoiler Type: Hydraulic or manual decoiler

Weight Capacity of Decoiler: 5.0T

Feeder and Leveler Device

● Main Motor Type: 3 Phases motor

● Power: 15KW

● Speed of Forming: 10-15m/min

● Roller: GCr15

● Main shaft: 40Cr

(The main shaft is grinded & heat treated followed by chrome plating)

● Diameter of Main Shaft: 70mm

Hydraulic Punching & Cutting

● Punching Type: Hydraulic Punching

● Punching Material: SKD11

● Punching Die: SKD11

● Cutting Type: Hydraulic Cutting

● Hydraulic Motor: 7.5KW

● Hydraulic Pressure: 20MPa



Profile Drawing



1. Q: What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me a sample?

Answer: Since our products are mechanical equipment, our minimum order quantity is 1 set, it is difficult to send you samples, however, we can send you product catalogs and warmly welcome you to visit our company.

2. Q: Is it possible to customize the machine as required, such as put our logo on it?

A: Of course our machines can be customized according to your needs, and your logo can also be affixed.

3. Q: How long is the delivery time of your machine?

Answer: Generally speaking, the delivery time of our machines is about 30 days, according to the requirements of customers, we will customize the machines according to customer requirements.

4. Q: May I know which payment your company accepts?

A: So far, we can offer 100% T/T before shipment, and 30% deposit paid by T/T, and the balance paid by L/C.

5. Q: Regarding after-sales service, how do you solve the problems encountered by overseas customers in a timely manner?

A: The warranty period of our machines is usually 12 months, during this period, we will arrange international express immediately to ensure the replacement parts as soon as possible.

Why choose us?

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  • We treat every member of the company equally and believe in the strength and potential of each person's work.
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  • We are committed to building the company into a domestic first-class, internationally competitive professional and standardized manufacturer of the Shape Roll Forming Machine.

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